ORLA Members Benefits

My Accounting Team offers an array of benefits to the Restaurant and Lodging industry who have never before had reasonable access to systems and resources that provide insights, security, controls and peace of mind. We lead the way by embracing the power of technology and coupling it with an unparalleled level of expertise.



Real Time Access to Financial Data

Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device

The power of this is enormous. Allowing you to manage your company both effectively and efficiently. Manage vendors, pay contractors and stay focused on what you do best.

Expert Advice – CFO and Controller Level Oversight

We have expertise in all areas of finance, accounting, bookkeeping and business strategy. Your financials have Controller level oversight and will be accompanied by a monthly CFO review that includes strategic planning.

No up Front Costs – Free POS Integration

Yes, you read this correct. We will set you up – migrate your data
and implement best practices and process improvements along
the way.

Insights and Reporting – We Specialize in Slicing and Dicing

At My Accounting Team we slice and dice the data however clients want to see it. We provide customized dashboards tailored to your needs allowing you to see all your important metrics at a glance.

Compliant (GAAP) – Audit Ready Financials

Our biggest advocates are CPAs. We make their life easy at Tax time and Audit time, by delivering detailed and accurate information. Less time on the CPA’s clock results in financial savings for you. We are GAAP compliant, and use the only AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) endorsed accounting software available in the industry.

Controls – Separation of Duties

We provide you with the strictest controls available to minimize risk. Embezzlement and fraud are words that no one wants to speak, but it is an unfortunate reality. One in five small businesses are embezzled with an average loss of $100,000.

My Accounting Team
is an ORLA Hospitality Hub Partner!

ORLA Package Includes Custom Reports and Metric Data

Trend Analysis: change vs. prior period vs. same period prior year

•  Prime Cost (Labor, Food and Beverage)

•  Rent, Utilities, and Property Maintenance

Cash Cushion

Every ORLA member has a cash cycle. Cash will rise just prior to paying major bills and fall just after.
MAT adjusts for these cycles.


Revenue vs. same period last year

Business Valuation

MAT will include several measures often used to assess business value

Annual Budget/Forecast

MAT develops a monthly budget for the year and updates that budget with actuals as each month rolls and integrates this with the client’s tax plan.

Borrowing Capacity

MAT will grade a business from one to five based on likely outcomes. Using an algorithm developed with bankers based on nine key factors, MAT assesses and updates the “bankability” of the restaurant or chain on a scale of one to five.


Sample Dashboard Components

Solution Benefits

Our service eliminates the need for an ORLA member to ever hire, fire and train accounting staff. This is an enormous benefit allowing you to focus on essential core staff required to deliver excellent customer service. This combined with the strategic insights we provide into your operations empower you to excel as customer expectations rapidly change.

MAT will make it easy for all ORLA members to be profitable and thrive!

MAT offers the Restaurant and Lodging industry in Oregon a unique service only available through ORLA membership. Benefits include:

  • A 28-day close or 14-period accounting cycle for the same price as a
    12-period accounting cycle. So, 2 extra reporting periods free!
  • ORLA Custom Reporting Package
  • FREE POS Integration
  • FREE Implementation
  • FREE Training
  • Multi Location Accounting
  • Controls - Separation of Duties
  • Best Practices for the Restaurant and Lodging Industry

“Focus on what you do best and let MAT do the rest”

“MAT switched us to a 28-day accounting period rather than a monthly

cycle. This allows us to match expenses to income more directly and accurately. Now we can compare like periods year-over-year or season-to-season. Every restaurant should do this. MAT knows how to do it.”

–  James McNie


Hamish Investments, Inc.

Peace of Mind

By delivering you with the Insights, Controls, Best Practices, and Accessibility in real time to your financial data MAT provides “Peace of Mind”. We deliver a transparent, easy and reliable solution in a way for you to easily and more knowledgeably serve your customer base.

The information and insights available when the numbers and documents are stored together provide insights that empower owners to make the best decisions you can for your business. Our systems allow you to minimize risk by implementing and enforcing strict controls while staying in compliance.

Take the worries away from your how your money is being handled, focus on what you do best and instead use the new found financial insights to empower and grow your business.







“73% of restaurant owners

who review financial accounts regularly (on a monthly schedule) were profitable. Among restaurant owners who review less frequently only 49% were profitable.”



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Top 10 Reasons to
Outsource Your Accounting


Our CFO’s mantra should

be everyone’s guiding    principle. “Never have the same person directing the funds be the same person
that is reconciling and preparing the accounts,
and NEVER NEVER give the same person the approval
to release funds.”

– Bruce Lange

Succession and
Sale  Planning

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